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A New Era

We have some important news to share. As you might know, we are a radio station that launched in November 2003 broadcasting on Istanbul's 103.8 FM. A lot has changed in the past 10 years and even though we’ve been adapting quite well, time has come for us to make some big changes.

We’ve been showcasing the best of what independent music has to offer for years and we pride ourselves for being ahead of the curve. If you want to hear everything that is new and discover new artists as well as remember those fantastic classics that have defined genres, Istanbul’s Dinamo has always been the station to tune in to. 

We’ve been feeling quite constrained by broadcasting on a single FM channel for a while now. Yes, we do stream quite successfully on the web, but the amount of good music we want you to hear does not fit on a single FM frequency anymore. Also, our server logs, inboxes, Facebook and Twitter accounts tell us that we have a substantial amount of international listeners who appreciate what we do. In this day and age of smartphones, mobile connections and wi-fi everywhere, broadcasting on a single FM channel feels like being grounded on a Saturday night. And we like Saturday nights. :)

So what are we gonna do about it? Today, we are launching our new platform. You can find our new iOS app at the App Store and we are also launching a new website.

Dinamo 103.8 FM that you know and love will be rebranded as Legacy from now on and we have four more channels: Smog, Deep, Caffè and Sleep. Legacy and Sleep will be free forever, but you need to be a subscribing member to access premium channels. Monthly Membership is $1.99 and Yearly Membership is $19.99.

We are starting with five channels and there are more channels on the way. We do not like rushing things. We are a bit too meticulous for our own good to be honest. We would have countless channels if we made playlists with robots or algorithms like most other music services do, but we like to have that human touch. And that takes time.

Lastly, we will be ceasing our FM transmission on Istanbul’s 103.8 FM on January 1st, 2014. Our new app and website will be your new gateway to our platform. Apart from being able to access our new channels, you will be able to keep track of your favourites, share them with your friends or buy them with a single click. You can also access our current selection of the best DJ sets that aired on our Legacy channel through our iOS app. And for those times that you do not have a network connection, we have a Recording function to keep some of the goodness on your device.

See you on the other side. 

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